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The importance of Parkour Consultations

25th March 2015

Consultations are often a great way to gather community involvement, and ensure that a new facility doesn’t just meet the needs of the council, but that of local residents and those who will be using it. Last year, nearly all of Freemove’s sites included some kind of consultation within the process, demonstrating how effective they can be.

Consultations are basically defined as, ‘conference at which advice is given or views are exchanged’ and can vary from online questionnaires, public meetings, or focus groups. Whichever method is used, they all have a similar outcome; ensuring that the final installation is designed, and installed for the users, increasing how much they will be used.
Parkour consultations, have become increasingly popular, because often councils want to understand why users need a parkour facility, would like traceur involvement in designs, and want to include local residents in the decision to install a parkour facility. After all, if a parkour facility is being installed in their local park, it will affect them.

How can consultations are used for parkour facilities:

• To involve local traceurs, by providing the opportunity for them to voice opinions and ideas for designs. Metro News, CA, recently reported on Canadas first outdoor parkour facility, stating they underwent consultation for 18 months, to ensure it met the needs of local traceurs. It’s built for them to use, so the company (Origins Parkour and Athletics Fitness) wanted local traceurs, and young people to offer their opinions on how they would want to use the facility.

• Parkour consultations can be used to get insight into local resident’s opinions on a new facility. In some cases residents, feel that encouraging parkour in an area can increase young people hanging around, and anti-social behaviour. By creating a forum, for these residents to voice concerns, and let them meet the traceurs who would use the facility and professionals such as Freemove and Parkour Generations, these fears can be removed.

• Help Freemove know exactly how to design a facility which is bespokely made for all involved; from the local council, to local traceurs and local residents. BY gaining insight into ability of local traceurs, what they would like to use the new facility for, and what opinions on a training facility are, Freemove can effectively plan and design a state of the art facility perfect for current traceurs to use and many more to learn on.

For examples on how Freemove has helped local councils use consultations, read our case studies:

Taunton Deane, where Freemove have to meet not only the needs of experience local traceur group Escape Parkour, but had to ensure the site was visually attractive for local residents.

Kingsway Park & Morven Park, in which, Freemove helped the local council meet with traceur groups in the area and gain design concepts and inspiration for a truly bespoke facility.

For any more information please contact Freemove at, and find out how Freemove can help with your next parkour consultation.