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The Chainstore, one year on

19th March 2015

It’s been just over one year on since the iconic Chainstore opened up in the edgy and stylish Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London. Since it’s opening, January 2014, it has become a hub and central community for traceurs of all ages and abilities, with the oldest user at 87!

It has become an influential meeting zone for groups of traceurs and holding important events such as the ‘Womens International Parkour Weekend’, held last May. This weekend grouped female traceurs from all over, of varying abilities to meet, build skills, and develop the growing force of women in parkour.

The Chainstore has helped change the way Parkour is practised by forming the first permanent indoor facility, fit with Freemove concrete and steel equipment, portable parkour equipment, and other callisthenic and functional fitness items. The Chainstore provides a safe environment to practise parkour, with ADAPT qualified coaches on hand, to deliver training and support.

When the Chainstore was first opened back in January 2014, there was a lot of attention gathered from the press, mainly because everyone was so interested to find out what parkour really was all about. This interest has continued throughout the year, but started with an article from The London Evening Standard in which Dan Edwardes (Director at Parkour Generations) made a statement which really encapsulated what the Chainstore was meant for and what it has become. He said, “The centre has been designed to ensure that we are able to offer a world-class experience, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming the entire parkour community”.

In addition to this coverage throughout the year, has encouraged people to give parkour a go. In October, Lucy Fry from the Telegraph, took part in a lesson with Dan Edwardes, later describing the Chainstore as “one of the best places to do this [parkour]”. This kind of feedback, from not just professional traceurs, but those who have never tried it before, shows the community which the Chainstore was meant for, and will continue to attract.

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