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FSB Cologne

On October 25th 2013 Freemove participated in The FSB Cologne Event to display our Outdoor and Portable Parkour Equipment.  The FSB event is an international trade fair demonstrating 622 companies from around the world showing, sports facilities, playgrounds, swimming pools and recreational facilities. 

Freemove worked with Parkour Movement, a parkour charity from Cologne to display the equipment in the best way possible.  Parkour Generations were performing Parkour demonstrations utilising our equipment which was a definite eye catcher for new customers. 

There was large interest from sport clubs, school and social deparments which is a success not just for Freemove, but for Parkour Movement to improve the awareness and understanding of Parkour in Cologne.  

If you would like any more information on Parkour Movement and Parkour in Cologne, please visit  

Roadshow 2013

Across one, very busy week in May 2013, Freemove, in partnership with Parkour UK, visited 5 cities across the country, delivering free Indoor and Outdoor Parkour/Freerunning workshops.

In addition to hearing more about the growth of the sport and observing impressive demonstrations performed by young practitioners, event attendees were also amongst the first in the country to see the new portable indoor Parkour equipment, developed by Freemove. The innovative design makes it possible for one person to create a safe, progressive Parkour environment in a matter of minutes - in a space the size of a typical aerobic studio.

Freemove Spokesperson Sophie Holt, explains: “We have been producing fixed, outdoor Parkour structures for many years but not all facilities have the space to accommodate these. Freemove’s indoor kit is portable, storable, simple to set up and very affordable, creating a great opportunity for operators to provide safe, structured and coached Parkour sessions.”

All Freemove equipment adheres to the recently created British Standard for Parkour BS10075 and has been designed in conjunction with practitioners. Marcus explains: “It’s really important that the equipment not only meets safety requirements but also ticks all the boxes for the users. Beginners and experienced practitioners are all able to interact simultaneously using the equipment. This makes it possible to teach a mixed ability group without any problem at all.”

The indoor equipment can be packed away into a box the size of a weights stack and is provided with a series of coaching packages, delivered by the world’s leading Parkour coaching organisation, Parkour Generations.


Roadshow 2011

In April 2011 we put on the first ‘Freemove Parkour Roadshow’, visiting: Tonbridge, Reading, Birmingham, Stockport and Livingston to showcase a selection of our industry leading Parkour Training Facility elements.

Many people attended the road shows, with over 500 people using the equipment over the 5 days. The positive feedback we received was phenomenal.

The success of the Roadshow prompted many local authorities and event organisers to request similar events all over the country.

We now offer bespoke Parkour packages with our Indoor or Outdoor Roadshow equipment. This includes the outdoor or indoor parkour elements, safety surfacing and coaching by leading practitioners. Please call us or email to discuss your requirements and we can provide you a quotation for your event.

More than 2000 people used the equipment at the ‘Freemove Parkour Roadshow’ event over a weekend at Camp Bestival in 2011, here is what people are saying about the Roadshow and Parkour in general:

“I think that these facilities that have been developed through the Freemove concept are and absolutely fantastic way for young teenagers and adults to develop their own unique way of developing their bodies and movement. It’s a really interesting idea and I hope that we will be able to use the equipment across parks over the hole country”.

Amanda Scott – Play Facilities Development Officer, Maidstone Borough Council

‘When I think of the parks in our area and the reputation some of our teenagers get from using them, it’s a real shame. The equipment there is not suited to them they end up being seen to be abusing them when they’re not. So when you see them playing on the Freemove equipment and working together cooperatively like this it’s absolutely brilliant”.

Pete Whitehead – Vice Principal, Stockport Academy

“Parkour has to be encouraged, not just for the movement and the development it offers young people. It also has to be supported so that people understand it is not an antisocial activity, it’s not a niche activity, it’s there for everyone to take part in, young and old. It develops people physically and mentally, so it gives people a great alternative to standard forms of exercise and gets kids off the streets and gives them a bit of focus”.

Ross Dunn - Play Services Officer, North Lanarkshire Council

“These parks are such a positive influence on everyone around, even people that don’t do Parkour have a look and think ‘I want to give that a go’, and before they know it they are exploring new depths that they haven’t been to before. It’s exciting, it’s fantastic equipment and everyone is having such an amazing time that it’s a shame it has to end”.

Alex Potts – Traceur, The Wirral