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Brand new parkour park for Enfield residents in Angel Gardens

A brand new freerunning trail has been installed next to Angel road station  in what used to be a derelict plot of land tucked between the railway and an industrial complex. The new facility is part of the large-scale regeneration program Meridian Water Scheme, aiming to revamp Enfield former industrial sites and create thousands of jobs and homes.

Extensive consultation work carried out by the council showed that local teenagers were very enthusiastic about a parkour facility where they could congregate and practise in a safe environment. Following some residents ‘concerns about the trail attracting the wrong crowd, the council team and practitioners decided to organise a series of activity sessions to initiate young people to the discipline and foster a strong sense of community.

The site was designed by Freemove in collaboration with Parkour Generation, the largest professional organisation for freerunning. The compact concrete structure allows users to perform a variety of movements and is complemented by graphics specifically designed for parkour, for aspiring traceurs to practise at ground level to hone their technique gradually.

The Parkour park has sparked the interest of many local teenagers. “It has been fantastically well received and it is one of the most used pieces of equipment on the site” says Darren Bryant, senior engineer for Enfield council. “Some practitioners actually travel from other parts of London to train here as the facility offers them more challenges.”